Ever since I was five years old I have been taking apart computers and putting them back together. Once I managed to understand all the hardware, by a simple trial and error process of switching drives and chips to become an expert; I moved onto the software. Now this was my passion! In doing research of computer software I stumbled into languages like: PHP, JavaScript, HTML5, NodeJS, Java, Python, Swift, and other variants of C. I enjoyed playing with these languages more than anything. For example, other kids went outside and played baseball, and I taught myself how to flash a marquee across a webpage and make asynchronous callbacks. During my life I have been able to work with a bunch of these technologies that take the elementary knowledge of development and create responsive web pages, mobile apps, system apps, and APIs and services. I have spent many of my own and professional working hours configuring, learning, and explaining many different technologies. With my previous internships and jobs as well as my previous role as VP of Membership and President for the Department of Information Systems Club at ASU I had spent a large amount of time working with team members and leading on an executive board I established. At my current job in Chicago with Walgreens I personally focus on creating innovative apps and concepts, supporting 600+ partners with our API program and managing a multi-million dollar team via our awesome product suite. These roles and many other roles I have filled throughout my life have helped me gain a great set of teamwork and leadership skills. The idea of practice makes perfect plays a huge role in my life, as I know that things are not always built the best way the first time around and I always enjoy looking for new and better designs/practices/development methodologies/technologies. I have a keen eye for automating processes as I am both a software developer and an amateur filmmaker/photographer. Combining this knowledge I have developed strong force of innovation for anywhere I apply skills. The work showcased on this website is a combination of both personal and professional projects I have developed, I have a very entrepreneurial spirit and enjoy solving meaningful problems in a simplistic and lightweight approach.


22 years of open source javascript app development and design, 15 years with nodeJS, thousands of projects.


10 years of developing unique native mobile apps with swift, 15 years with Objective-C, hundreds of projects.


11 years of developing RESTful JSON APIs, micro-services, and converting SOAP services, hundreds of projects.


19 years of experience with various backend & frontend technologies to build desktop & mobile responsive sites, thousands of projects.